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by Caving Sec

The party at the end of the universe was totally wicked!!  Also down Daren Scientists have discovered a hole in the Yohzone, the Rock Steady Crew will look into it next camp.  A date for your personal organizers. Saturday 31st March PRACTICE RESCUE.  Compulsory for all regular Daren visitors.  Also in Wales a discovery in Day-yr-Ogof by Rich Blake and Rob Harper of approx. 600ft. of passage ending in a sump.  Rob will be diving the sump on their return visit.

The BEC in Matienzo lived up to the motto, and also found 100m. of new passage (see the write-up by Blitz).

Lodmore Hole? an EMI (an electronics company - ed.) dig with some BEC helpers was looking very interesting with sightings of new passage but then unfortunately collapsed.  Bowery Corner has a new passage heading down dip called Dipso.  Survey work has been going on in Wookey by Trebor, Ross, Stumpy and Phil Churches and also by the choke busters in Welsh’s Green which is now complete.

Forget S.R.T. now there's T.R.T.  A breed of lemmings in the BEC have started practicing the sport of bridge jumping using the T.R.T. triple rope technique (jumping either backwards or head first off bridges attached to ropes.  Head first is the more advanced and shed spreading method).  Jumps have taken place throughout the country.  There has also been a lightning raid by the EMC/Steigl boot boys on the classic Bridge in the French Alps at Pont de la Caille, just north of Annecy on the main road to Geneva, known as the "Big Ride.

There have been some first Jumps on virgin bridges by BEC/EMC members in the local area. Unfortunately one of the bridges has become a bit dodgy to jump due to a local resident almost having a heart attack when looking out of her window to see what she thought was people committing suicide en mass.  The reason for three ropes is because it feels a lot safer than one and we can't afford ten.

Even while you read this the E.M.C. (myself Included) are mellowing out on a beach in the south of Spain after completing another classic Jump!


Bob Lawder

Sadly, we have to announce the death of Bob Lawder of the Wessex Cave Club.  Bob was one of the long standing Hunters characters and most of us have witnessed his fine renditions of the ‘Boatswine’, the "American Bum' and "Mrs O'Flaherty" at various New Year's Eve sessions and barrel nights.  Our condolences to his wife Anne.  Within the next few weeks there will be a memorial service for Bob at Priddy Church possibly followed by a barrel or two and a memorial "sing song' at the pub.

Tony Jarratt