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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys


This Belfry Bulletin is a month late due to circumstances beyond my control but, strange to relate, for the first time I've got more material to print than can be put into one BB. (The postage per copy goes up if there are more than about 23 pages).

I've got another article from Jim Smart, who is alive and well and still in California, which will be in the next BB.  Aso an article from Jingles about his first (and last?) Daren Cilau trip, one from Trebor about Jamaica and one from Steve about the LADS in Ireland.

Talking about Daren Cilau, I had my first trip there in mid-August, the "Caves of South Wales" guide book describes it as 5+ but this probably means a trip to Spade-Runner. The inside information is that the entrance crawl, though long, is not difficult (just boring) and has only two bits that could be described as squeezes (if you weigh less than 14 stones, you should have no problems!).  We went to see "The White Company" in Apocalypse Way and it took us four hours, two hours in and out of the crawl, one and a half to and from the formation and half an hour getting lost.  The "White Company" you must see, I’ve never seen it's equal.  Anyway, the grading of a tourist trip in Daren is probably not more than VDC, if you've got the stamina.  As far as gear is concerned, wear knee and elbow pads!

Also in the next BB will be an appreciation of Roy Bennett who, as most of you will already know, died after a skiing accident this summer.  Joan asked that any donations members wished to make be made to the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue team.  These should be sent to Wig (Townsend Cottage, Priddy) who will forward them. The BEC has donated £25.

Trebor has a new load of Bertie Bat enamel badges at £2 each and J'Rat has some BEC T-shirts, the old design, which are for sale to club members at Bat Products (J'Rat is selling them at no profit so if you're not quick they'll all be gone!)

Alan Thomas has produced another book (he's the editor) called "The Last Adventure". This is a collection of seven articles by cave divers from the '30's onwards and makes fascinating reading. Each one describes the experiences of people who have gone to places where no-one had gone before.  Copies can be obtained from Alan at £10.50 (they're hard cover with colour photographs).