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Caving Under The Thames

by Jingles

At the foot of London Bridge - on the north side of the river, next to the MONUMENT, is a building called REGIS HOUSE.  It is the H.Q. of the A.A. as well as being the home of CITIBANK N.A. where I work in the computer department.  In the sub-basement is yet another downward flight of steps leading to a locked door. On the other side of this door is what used to be King William St. Station, which has been closed since 1912.

It was, however, used as an air raid shelter during both wars and there is still evidence of this down there (Posters dating to 1941).  As one wends ones way through the labyrinthine network of corridors, one eventually comes to what can only be a disused railway tunnel. 50 metres into this there is a concrete bulkhead - this is so placed because at this point you are directly under the banks of the Thames!  On the other side of this - the formations begin. The tunnel runs parallel to London Bridge - all the way to London Bridge Station.  It also connects with other access tunnels and eventually to the active Circle Line terminals.  There are two well decorated tunnels - each approximately ΒΌ mile in length and containing some surprising straw and helectite formations as well as a few columns although admittedly not of the same calibre as those in OFD! These tunnels have been extensively investigated by Jingles and Stuart Lain on several occasions.  If anyone is in the area and wants to have a look then I can take them down too!

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