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Caving Secretary's Report

Those of you who can remember as far back as last year are probably wondering why I'm here giving the report, it's because I stood in for Richard Neville-Dove when he went to Mexico, and have ended up doing it ever since.

The Bad News First: -

We lost the digging barrel last year to the Wexxes - so let's not do it again. (we are - ed.)

Now for the rest of it

The response to the club meets was a bit disappointing, apart from Easter and Whitsun.  It ended up as two or sometimes three people going on them.  We ended up joining forces with a couple of the taller Wexxes to make up the numbers, incidentally, they were also on their club meet!

Work started again in the West End in Eastwater earlier this year.  A joint BEC WCC project, of digging, surveying, aven climbing etc.   An emergency food dump has been taken down and left at Charing Cross in case of flooding.  Eleven of us were flooded in for a short time in the early spring, hopefully it will not happen again, although we've had a couple of near misses since.

St. Cuthbert's has been busy with lots of people being led on trips.  A big clear-up operation is being organised by Trebor.  The place is looking a lot cleaner.  There's also been some small amounts of passage found around the Rocky Boulder series.

Other hopeful digs are that of Sanctimonious Passage down Hunter's and Bowery Corner, both are not without their problems - bad air in Hunter's and dodgy roof in Bowery.

Extensive work has been going on in Wales, with the likes of Daren Cilau and Aggy.  There's no need to go into any detail about Daren as you've probably already read about it in Descent  (I think it's mentioned on every page, also Midnight Passage in Aggy).

There's still diving in Cheddar and the usual caving activity has been going on amongst individual members.

Many members went on expeditions far a field this year, to China and Mexico and got great results.  Unfortunately, no one from the BEC went to Austria this year and so missed out on the pushing of Orkan Hohle to 750 m. deep.

There are going to be expeditions to Romania and Jamaica sometime in the forthcoming year.

Thank you to all those who made this job easier to do.