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Bi-Monthly Notes

THE BELFRY. Various members have spent some time tidying between the Belfry and Walt's track.  It has been raked free of stones and has been mown.  If you fancy a mow when you are visiting, bring a pint of petrol.  Please do not park your ten-ton trucks on the lawns.

There is talk of acquiring a Belfry croquet set!

The Drinking Pond has been enlarged, presumably to accommodate those larger or wilder members who have occasion to be thrown therein.

Walt Foxwell has replaced his old man-hole cover near the Pond with a new one, and has autographed the cement surround.  He said something on the lines of, “Oi maynt remember you buggers, but youm buggers 'll remember Oi”  He has also agreed to act as the Club marriage guidance councillor.

Don't forget to make a few newspaper pulp bricks for the stove using our Brick-making Machine, next time you’re at the shed, and keep bringing those newspapers.

Members: Bolt celebrated his birthday at the Belfry recently with a Barrel but, the highlight of the evening was surely watching him try to blow out his own trick candles - they light up again immediately of their own accord.

Fi did a special cake for the event, and she also made one for Tim's birthday, a few weeks later.

Trev Hughes is now permanently on Mendip (heaven help us all) and is living at Wookey Hole (in a house).

Brian and Lucy Workman have now moved onto Mendip and are living at Oakhill.  So that should be two good house-warnings soon.

Several members gave caving and digging a miss recently (so what's new) to help Mac build an enormous set of concrete steps concealing the front of his house.  Each step is individually sized to accommodate all states of inebriation in his visitors.

CLUB LIBRARY:  This is being 'fettled' and many gaps in series of journals; newsletters, etc. have been noticed.  The Librarians would be most grateful for any old caving books or publications by any clubs.  Spring clean your bookshelves, my pretties, and help fill up the Belfry shelves.

Any duplicates are passed on to W.C.C., M.C.G., S.M.C.C. and M.N.R.C. to ensure that all the Mendip Clubs' libraries are up to date.

Many thanks in anticipation,


N.B. Collection can be arranged - just phone the Belfry

B.B.'s - vol's 3, 9, 19, 20, 21, 24, 29 & 30 are missing from the library.  W.C.C. journals nos. 43 - 59 are also missing.

Many thanks to all those who have donated old publications already.