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Could This Be A Back Door Into White Scar Cave?


Due to its susceptibility to pirating and its location above, well, almost above a cave of controlled access, the exact location of this dig is being kept secret. Tunnelling down through boulders for almost 12' has yielded a small chamber 8' x 4' x l' high.  A large block 4' x 3' x 2' is at present taking most of the room and making things difficult.  The way on appears to follow the steeply descending roof through the sandy spoil, this to dig sand being liberally sprinkled with fist-sized rocks. A profusion of small straws and stalactites have made operations a little difficult, but every precaution has been taken to protect them in our quest to link up with this difficult to get into 4 mile system.

Stu Lindsey.


NEW YEAR’S DIG (Y.S.S.) Section A – a       Grade I   Drawn by S. Lindsay

NEW YEAR’S DIG (Y.S.S.) Section B – b       Grade I   Drawn by S. Lindsay