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1980 Annual General Meeting

Election of Club Officers

Nominations are now requested for the Committee Election.  These must be seconded in writing and be sent to the Hon. Secretary by the 6th September 1980 at:

Tim Large,
Hon. Secretary, B.E.C
53 Portway,

Annual Dinner

at the Caveman Restaurant, Goughs Caves, Cheddar.

Nigel Taylor is prepared to arrange a coach to run from the Belfry to the Caveman and back to the Belfry after the dining and wining.  Those who want to take advantage of this facility should contact Nigel (at the Belfry or write c/o The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset, as soon as possible to ensure that the right size coach is booked.  A charge will be made to cover the hiring costs.

Resignations from the Committee:

Garth Dell and Dave Irwin will not be standing again this year for election to the Committee.  The remaining seven members of the Committee will be standing again but to ensure an election there needs to be at least three new nominations.  Garth is currently the Hut Warden and Dave Irwin, the B.B. Editor.


I’m afraid that this issue of the B. B. has had to be spread over two months again simply because NO new material has been sent in for publication.  On a matter of principle I'm not intending to fill the pages of the B.B. with padding written by myself.  Neither has it been a lack of effort on my part in trying to get members to put pen to paper but the common replies are "I haven't the time" or "Yes, I'll get something to you in the next few days" (which, needless to say never arrives).  As a talking point for the AGM, members will have to think very carefully before demanding a Monthly B. B. from the new Editor UNLESS THEY are prepared to supply material for publication on a regular basis.  To publish a monthly BB is a responsibility that ALL members must shoulder and ensure that they send at least one article a year.  Just ponder on this little fact: To fill a 14 page B.B. (that is so often demanded by the Belfry regular) requires SEVEN articles a month if each spreads over two pages.