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By our own Hon. Secretary, Tim Large.


Throughout the winter the Belfry has seen increased usage both by members and guests – none put off by the rise in hut fees.  The bunk room exterior door has been replaced thanks to Dany Bradshaw, which should improve the weatherproofing at that end of the building.  Enclosed in this B.B. are the plans for Belfry improvements. Your suggestions and comments would be appreciated in order that this time any alterations are well planned for not only present use but the future for many years to come.  Hopefully the committee will be able to make a decision on what to do at the April or May meeting.  So please hurry your comments along to the Belfry as soon as possible.


The annual club trip to the Lake District was well attended with about 20 people.  Although the weather was not so good as it could be, some fine walks were achieved, including Scafell, Great Gable, Helvelyn, Pavis Arc and a trip around the Coniston Copper Mines.


Pete and Alison Moody helped by Brian Woodward, and Phil Dunk of the SMCC have extended the end of Shatter Chamber for about 800ft.  A boulder choke was pushed to a rift passage and an inlet stream which emitted from a sump. Pete dived this for about 200ft and explored about 60ft of passage on the other side which then becomes too tight. The passage is heading into unknown territory.  Some speculate the stream, which is quite big, comes from Sludge Pit and Nine Barrows. Water tracing is being arranged. This has spurred on our Stuart Lindsey who is at present digging in the Sludge Pit Sump.  I am sure he would appreciate any help he can get.


At a recent CSCC meeting fixed tackle in this cave was discussed following a letter from Somerset county Council who expressed concern over the safety of the entrance ladder.  The CSCC access agreement is with SCC.  The meeting decided to repair the entrance ladder.  Other reports were received regarding the platform at the top of the main pitch and the ladders up to the Cave of Falling Waters.  Both are said to be in a suspect condition.  The meeting decided that subject to survey the platform and winch be removed and rawl bolts installed for ladder belays.  Also the scaffolding and ladder on Cave of Falling waters be completely removed and substituted with a pulley and continuous line in order that tackle can be hauled up – as we do in maypole series in Cuthbert’s.  It is likely no action be taken before the CSCC AGM in order to gauge more widely caver’s views.


The first boulder choke has collapse completely blocking the way on.  No news yet as to when it will be open again.


To South Wales camping at Crickhowell with members of the Pegasus. Caves booked include Aggy, DYO, OFD. Contact Martin Grass for details.


To be held on Saturday 19th April at high Peak College, Harper Hill, Buxton.  Admission £3 including lunch and refreshments.