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To catch up with the news over the last few months we present an extended version of

Compiled by ‘Wig’

B.C.R.A. Winter Meet, Wells on December 8th 1979.

About 100 cavers attended this mini-conference organised by Jim Hanwell for BCRA.  The programme was wide ranging and including last minute change of the programme with Bob Cork outlining recent events in Wookey.  Fred Davies gave his account of the marathon dig in Swildon’s Cowsh Aven that was eventually opened up to within 20ft of the surface.  ‘Prew’ demonstrating his radio location gear; Chris Hawkes summarising the work at Westbury Quarry and Willie Stanton propounding a theory of the increase in ground water flow on Eastern Mendip.  In an adjacent room an exhibition of old caving prints and postcards gave a new insight to armchair caving.  It looks as if a selection of those caving prints will be on display at the 1980 BCRA Conference to be held at Nottingham University next September.


Martyn Farr's first attempt at being an author will make its appearance early in 1980 in a 224 page book entitled 'The Darkness Beckons' - The History and Development of Cave Diving'. The Forward is by Mike Boon.  In addition to the 50,000 word text there are 60 black and white and 16 colour illustrations plus 20 maps and illustrations. Price £8.95.


'Rocksport', the cavers shop in Wells, has entered the book market and books are changing hands at quite high prices.  This is not because of their individual pricing, but due to price changes in the book market generally.  Recent prices from various sources will give an idea of what the market rate is at the moment.

Wookey Hole, Its Cave and Cave Dwellers.  Balch, 1914

£40 - £45

The Mendip Caves.  Balch (Somerset Folk Series, 1927).


Caves of Ireland. Coleman, 1965


Mendip, Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters.  Balch 1937 1st Edition.


Mendip, Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters.  Balch 1937 2nd Edition.


Delineations of Northwest Somerset, Rutter, 1829

£40 -£50

Heart of Mendip, Knight.  1st Edition.


Seaboard of Mendip, Knight.


Cave Hunting, Boyd-Dawkins.


Cave Hunting, Boyd-Dawkins (reprint)

£2 - £3

Caving. Baker


Netherworld of Mendip.  Baker and Balch


The Mysterious World of Caves, Bauer, 1971


Subterranean Climbers, Chevalier, Dub.  Faber & Baker


Mendip Caves, Balch (bound copies of the three books)

£10 -£12

Mines of Mendip, Gough (1st Edition)


Casteret - various books and reprints

£5 - £8

Les Abimes, Martel


Perhaps you should have a look at your old caving books and insure them