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Hon. Sec's Report

This year has been a busy one; in committee and within the Club, both on the caving side and socially.

The Committee has, been involved with setting up the sub-committee to review the constitution and much good work has been done by this body, particularly Martin Cavender, who without his help on the legal side many problems could not have been overcome. Martin has also helped solve the problems of Club Trustees and this should be overcome in the near future. The club has maintained its membership numbers with one or two exceptions, but we have been pleased to welcome some new members.  The committee has been more selective regarding new members and several were deferred, mainly because they were not known well enough.  It is interesting to note that the average age of new members is rising, and is about 24-25 now.

Socially, the regulars have enjoyed several (!!) of the usual 'Belfry Barrels' on Saturday night. Together with one or two birthday, celebrations and the midsummer buffet, these have made for an enjoyable year fitting in with, but not deterring the main activity of the club, caving.  As indicated by Nigel Taylor's report, the caving scene has been encouragingly active both on and off Mendip.  The Club now appears to be functioning much more happily and hopefully will do so in the future.

I have been in attendance at various CSCC meetings and it now looks as if the south is getting some sense from other regions which the club supports and we shall continue to pressure NCA into what we believe is the correct way of doing things.

At the CCC meeting, some nonsensical proposals were passed regarding the restriction of the time limit on permits, but the club now opposes these and action has been taken to remedy the situation.

Our activities, both caving and social have involved us with other clubs - liaison with our friends near and far being most welcome.  I hope we can look forward to continued progress during the coming year.

Tim Large

Hut Engineer's Report

I was co-opted on to the Committee in the middle of May this year, as a result of the resignation from the post of Engineer of Martin Bishop.  At that time, the hut was in a reasonable state bearing in mind the considerable use it had been put to by the club and the Royal Navy.  Maintenance has continued piecemeal since then, with minor jobs being attended to whenever time and help was available.

A brief summary of work done, not necessarily in order: Clothes line re-erected; double-drainer sink fitted under water heater; heater removed, cleaned, refitted; wall to window ledge under heater tiled; outside guttering repaired; hole adjacent to drinking pool backfilled and re-turfed; window frames painted outside; septic tank excavated and inspected (work in hand); lockers painted, inventory of Belfry tools and possessions made, ventilator fitted above cookers.

A lot of work still needs to be done, mainly: alterations to tackle store, providing a larger store/workshop; soak away needs finishing; Belfry drive and car park needs some chippings; large amounts of walls, doors and ceilings need repainting and the showers need some efficient form of ventilation.

I hope that, if I am re-elected, or indeed if someone else is voted Engineer, the regular members will help continue the work on our most valuable asset.

Bob Cross