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Letters To The Editor

21 Hillcrest,
Knowle Park,
Bristol 4.

Dear Sir,

Living as I do between the Mendip and Cotswold hills and being an ex-caver very interested in geological phenomena, I have often wondered why it is that the Mendips are relatively well-endowed with extensive cave systems, yet the Cotswolds have, as far as I know, no cave systems of any sort.  Both these hill systems are products of folding and each system is comparable one with the other in the intensity of folding. Therefore the jointing and bedding configuration is similar, as may be seen by comparison of the many quarries in Cotswold and Mendip.

The chemical nature of the rocks in each system is the same (around 90% calcium carbonate) and the solubility of Mendip limestone and Cotswold oolite is similar, oolite being slightly more soluble in bulk due to its greater surface area/mass ratio.  The physical nature of the two rocks is rather different.  Mendip rock is hard in almost all of its strata.  Cotswold rock is as hard as Mendip in only about 5% of its total thickness. Elsewhere it may be almost as soft as chalk.  I would be most grateful if, through the pages of your bulletin your readers who are erudite (probably all of them) on this subject could provide suitable explanations.

Yours Sincerely,
Dave Morgan.

Editor's Note:     What about it, blokes?  We should know, but Dave Morgan assures me that he once asked 'Herby' Balch this question and got no satisfactory answer.


4 Galmington Lane,
, Somerset.

Dear Alfie,

I seem and hear, frequent complaints based on the theme 'they don't know the words'.  I suggest that it is unfair of the more senior members of the club to make such statements when 'they' haven't had a chance to learn.  In the days when a sing-song at the Hunters was a regular occurrence, we all had the opportunity forced on us. Nowadays, too many non-cavers use this hostelry to make it either wise or opportune to consider using the Hunters for sing-songs. I believe it is time that we who 'know the words' or might be expected to, got together and fixed some firm dates for singing lessons.  I suggest the Belfry from 11 p.m. to midnight and later if nobody objects

"Sett "

Any comments from would be singers or noise abatement societies?


120 Pearson Lane,
Bradford, Yorks.

Dear Alfie,

Please, please publish this letter to the editor the next issue of the B.B.

I note with great interest the comments of Alfie in the April/May issue of the Belfry Bulletin regarding the present vacancy in the committee for a Climbing Secretary.

I have for a long time thought that the existence a club officer entitled 'Climbing Secretary' in this club is anomalous, considering that only a small proportion of B. E. C. members are, in fact, climbers.

Climbing as a pure sport goes on happily outside of clubs and societies such as our own.  It is a competitive sport totally dominated by individualists who seem to feel no desire or real need of clubs and I do not think that Kangy King himself will disagree with this statement.  I think that, as needs change within our club, we now need a Mountaineering Secretary - albeit climber, fell walker or both, but basically someone who identifies and keeps in touch with all the members of the club who want to participate in the objects of Clause 2(c) of the present club constitution.

I find it very perplexing that there is so much over lapping of Mountaineering activities by the Climbing section and 'the rest' of the club, particularly of that of away meets, and I suspect that the reasons are largely political.  I feel strongly that the enjoyment of a more significant body of members would be furthered if we simply altered the title of one officer and, more to the point, the expressiveness of his role.

The rare bods who have ascended to the dizzy heights of Climbing Secretary have for too long represented a minority electorate at the expense of an unrepresented and growing band of all-round mountaineers and in so doing have prolonged the existence of a hallowed cult, so obviously out of proportion to the size and nature of the club.

In conclusion, I hope and indeed ask that consideration will be given to the views of the writer and that correspondence takes place within these pages, and if needs be, the matter is discussed at the forthcoming A.G.M. - oh, and please remember to hail "Below!" before you dislodge any little stones on top of me from your towering stances.

Without Prejudice,
Bob Cross.

Editor's Note:     One hopes that Climbers, fell walkers, mountaineers and all these fascinating sub-divisions of the sport or pastime will come forward to put their points of view in the B.B.  I, for one, had no idea how distinct all these people were, having the rather naive view that our Climbing Section did all these things - and even went caving on occasion.  Perhaps someone like Kangy might prevailed upon to put us straight on this subject?

Friday Night Club

These meets are organised by Richard Kenney, and further details may be obtained from him at 'Yennek', St. Mary's Road, Meare, Glastonbury, Somerset.  His telephone number is Meare Heath 296.

All meets are at 7.30 p.m. at the site named except those in Wales, for which Richard should be contacted.

June 27th                      Longwood.

July 12th                       Wales.

July 25th                       Thrupe.

August 8th                    Swildons.

August 22nd                  Stoke Lane.

September 5th.              CuthbertÂ’s.

September 20th             Wales.

October 3rd                   Hilliers/Shatter.

October 17th                 G.B.

October 31st                 Pinetree Pot.