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Editor’s Report

The second of the club Officers' report s for the year - by the Editor.

A number of changes have been made to the B. B. this year in an attempt to start it on its second quarter-century in a better manner.  Firstly, and most importantly, we have at last managed to take the step I had been hoping for - that of changing from a duplicated to an offset printed magazine.

After some initial snags, the improvement in clarity should by now be noticeable.  Although the printing process takes longer than the old duplicating did, I feel that the result more than justifies the extra time spent

Secondly, we have gone metric.  A B.B. which keeps on changing its size is a nuisance to librarians and to others who make a collection of them, but in this case the change was necessary - since it will become more and more difficult to get hold of the old British quarto size paper. We chose the smaller of the two metric sizes which were sensible to have - that of the A5 size.  The other alternative was A4 which has been adopted by the Wessex Journal.  Members may like to compare the two.  I feel that our choice was the right one.

Lastly, we have a new stiff cover.  For this, we are indebted to Barry Wilton, who produced a number of designs from which we could choose.  The cover chosen was by an almost unanimous choice of those involved.

After some slight controversy about how many pages of the new paper size represented a fair deal for members, I settled on a basic number of 24 pages per issue (12 pages on this re-issue).  I am pleased to say that this has not only been kept up so far this year, but has twice been exceeded.  This is, of course, due to the good response by club members in writing for the B.B. and I should like to record my thanks to all those who have made my Job so much easier by writing for the B.B. without prompting.

I hope to incorporate some smaller improvements next year, but I feel that we shall have to wait for some time before the next major improvement can take place that of having a decent typeface.  This move, when it comes, will be expensive and it is unlikely that the club will be able to afford it for some time yet.

I hope that we shall hear from new authors next year in addition to those faithful stalwarts whose efforts largely keep the B.B. going.

I should like to conclude by thanking Kay Mansfield for the work she does in folding, collating, stapling and distributing the B.B.; Barry Wilton, who has helped me considerably with printing and cover design and Tony Corrigan, whose knowledge of the offset litho process and willingness to help and to provide essential supplies has been quite invaluable.

S.J. Collins, Hon. Editor, B.B.