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Editors Notes

It is custom at this time of year to endeavour to produce a B.B. of somewhat larger than normal size, and we are pleased to be equalling, and in some way exceeding the record this year. A forty page B.B. has, in fact, appeared before, but not a forty page B.B. containing nothing but reading matter as distinct from the usual four or five pages of names and addresses which have been until now included in the Christmas B.B.

It is also heartening to note that this year the main problem has been now to find room for all the articles which have been submitted.  We have a good variety as well and something to suit most tastes. A climbing article; travel; a little comic relief; the write up on the official club trip to the Dachstein area last summer; a scientific article and a caving/archaeological article as well as several smaller items.

This B.B. is also being used to experiment with a new type and grade of paper.  If this proves a success, we hope to go over entirely to this paper for the 1966 B.B. which will be the twentieth volume.  There are other improvements coming, but in line with our new policy of not winding the neck out, northing more will be said in anticipation.

It remains to wish all club members, all our readers and all cavers everywhere….

“A Very Happy Christmas”