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A To Z of The Bristol Exploration Club

(This was compiled in the Hunters, by a selection of members, on one drunken Saturday night!!!!)

A          Aroma (See Q) Also Jake & Gobshite + most cavers after a trip!

B          Beer/Barrel/Belfry (All Related)!

BB        Belfry Boy!

C          Carnal Knowledge -The Vetting of Young Members!

CC        Crockery Cricket!

D          Digging (See J) Destroyer of Roads!

E          Explosions (See Q)!

F          Fire Breathing on Request!

G          Gonorrhoea-Goitre-Gout!

H          Hunters Lodge - The Only Place To Be!

I           Ignite - e.g. Furniture, Farts, etc!

J           Jarratt's Roadslide (See D)!

K          Kounterfeit Kondoms - Issued On Request!

L          Lockheed Tri-Star (Quackers) Wide Bodied With Jet a Engine at the Rear!

M         Members (No Women) Only Members!

N          Noxious Gas (See Q & F)!

O          Open All Hours!

P          Anywhere You Like!

Q          Quackers - Glutinous Maximus Emissions!

R          Rugby - All Donations Of Sofas Greatly Appreciated!

S          Sex and Travel!

T          Temperance At All Times (At The Shepton & Wessex)!

U          Underwear - Complete With Skidmarks!

V          Violation (See BB)!

W         Willie - See Mike Willett!

X          X-rated - Average Saturday Night!

Y          Yawn - As In The Technicolor Variety!

Z          Zot - QUOTE "There's Nothing Wrong With Nudity Fellas!"