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On Climbing in Rhino

Herewith a very short article to stop anyone else bothering to climb the aven above the last pitch in Rhino Rift.

This climb had fascinated me from my first view of it sometime in the early '70's.  At that time I was in the Wessex and in company with such luminaries as Rich Websell and Al Mills had done some climbs above the second and third pitches. I had one abortive trip to climb the aven above the final pitch when we failed to get significantly off the ground and my companion refused to prusik up a rope used around a boulder thrown up and "jammed" into the crack on the right wall.  Judging by the ease with which we retrieved the rope he probably had a point

However I finally got things togetherish in October of this year and in the course of two trips Rich Websell and I managed to reach the roof.  Encountering two pitons, an old bolt, an old tatty sling and some scratched initials en route.

Facing down the cave from the 4th pitch it is a relatively simple climb on the left-hand side. There are a couple of bolts and pegs for protection.  At the level of the first ledge the shaft splits into two.  The right hand aven becomes too tight and the left can be followed to the roof where it becomes a short choked rift passage above the 4th pitch.

Who is on for the dig at the bottom?

Rob  Harper – 30/10/95



From the bottom of the 4th pitch easy bridging leads to step left onto sloping ledge.  Go up the ledge to obvious crack at the right of the stal. Then traverse right into alcove/ledge. From here bridge up until it is possible to step left onto a small ledge on a corner and swing around into another alcove with a short, 2m, passage at the back.  From here move up left stal-coated rift passage with a boulder floor which closes down after approximately 9 - 10m.