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Librarian's Report

After taking the Librarian's post at last year's AGM as no one else seemed keen to do the job I started with a fit of enthusiasm which although has slowed down has not diminished. The BEC library contains a very important collection of books and club journals dating back to before the war and, although is partly duplicated by the collections in other club libraries, it has a number of unique items. Importantly it has - or should have - a complete collection of all the publications (and caving logs) produced by the BEC.

My predecessor had recently produced a list of the books in the library and I felt that the most pressing task was to collate and bind all the exchange material and whilst doing so to produce a catalogue of all the journals.  After a year I am about 20% of the way through this task!  I am giving everything a unique "BEC reference number" so as to avoid re-cataloguing misplaced items; also this will help when checking the library contents in the future.  Disturbingly I have found that a number of recent exchange journals are not to be found having either not been received or taken from the library without being booked out.  I am making a list of these missing items and will publish this in the BB.  I intend to obtain duplicate copies if the missing items are not forthcoming.

As hinted to above I was very surprised to find that the club does not have a "reference set" of all its publications, or if it does, it is scattered throughout the library.  I feel strongly that the history of the club is extremely important and without a complete set of BB’s etc. our records are woefully incomplete.  During the year I have been given bound sets of many of the early BB’s which I will be placing in the library and intend to use one or more of the locked cupboards to hold a complete set of all BEC publications.

Attached to this report is a list of all items added to the library in the last year.

Dave Turner 14th September 1994.

BEC Library Additions 1993-4

Books and Guides

Avon & Cheddar (Climbers Club Guide) 1993

The Caves of the Little Neath Valley Oldham 1993

Caves of the Mellte Valley Ockenden 1991

The Concise Caves of North Wales Oldham 1991

Irian Jaya 1992

Speleo Nederland 1992

Mendip Underground Irwin & Jarratt 1993

Speleo Philippines 1992

Spelologie aux Philippines Deharveng 1980

Clubs publications etc.

Axbridge Caving Group Newsletter Su.l94

Bradford Pothole Club Bulletin Vol. 6 No.9 (Au. /93)

BEC Belfry Bulletin Nos. 470-474 (12/93-8/94)

BCRA Cave Science Vol. 20 Nos. 2, 3 (11-12/93)

BCRA Cave and Karst Science Vol. 21 No.1 (8/94)

BCRA Caves & Caving Nos. 61-64 (Au.l93-Su.l94)

The British Caver No.116 (Sp.l94)

Cave Diving Group Newsletter Nos. 109-112 (10/93-7/94)

Cerberus Speleological Society Journal Vol. 22 Nos. 1-5 (11/93-7/94)

Devon Speleological Society Journal Nos. 149,150 (1/94-4/94)

Die Hohle Vol 44 Nos. 3, 4 (1993)

Grampian Speleological Group Bulletin (3rd series) Vol. 2 No.5; Vol. 3 No.1 (10/93­3/94)

Hades Caving Club Magazine No. 33 (6/93)

Mendip Caving Group News Nos. 230-236 (9/93-3/94)

MNRC Newsletter Nos. 42-44 (10/93-4/94)

National Caving Association SpeleoScene Nos 10-12 (11/93-8/94)

National Caving Association Constitution and 1994 AGM minutes (1994)

Plymouth Caving Group Newsletter & Journal Nos. 119-121 (Wi./93-6/94)

Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club Newsletter Vol. 30 Nos. 2, 3; Vol. 31 No.1 (? /93­5/94)

Shepton Mallet Caving Club Journal Vol. 9 No.5 (Au.l93)

Societe Suisse de Speleologie Stalactite Vol. 43 No.1 (1993)

South Wales Caving Club Newsletter Vol. 43 No.1 (1993)

Speleo Nederland Pierk Vol. 9 Nos. 1,3 (4-7/94)

UBSS Newsletter Vol. 9 No.3 (11/93)

UBSS Proceedings Vol.19 No.3 (1993)

Wessex Cave Club Journal Vol. 22 Nos. 239-242 (9/93-8/94)

The West Virginia Caver Vol. 11 Nos. 5, 6; Vol. 12 Nos. 1-4 (10/93-8/94)

Westminster Speleological Group Bulletin Vol. 9 No.7 (4/94)

Westminster Speleological Group Newssheet Nos. 1-7 (5/93-6/94)