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Club News.

Membership Changes.

We welcome three new members, who are :-

Estelle Sandford, Weston-super-Mare
Sean Morgan, Clevedon, Avon
Richard Anthony Lewis, Weston-super-Mare

There are also many address changes.  I have some and John (Watson) has some but for one reason or another we have not got a complete up-to-date list at present.  The complete list will appear in the next BB.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund.    contributed by Sett.

The fund was formed when Ian bequeathed £300 to the club 'to assist junior members to travel on the continent'.  At that time the investment produced an annual interest of £25 or so which would have been a major part of a return fare to the Pyrenees.

Although the Club has since made a substantial contribution to the fund, inflation, coupled with decreasing interest rates, has reduced the real value to less than a tenth of that originally available.

At a time when whole world is becoming accessible to the active caver or climber, this trend looks like it is going to continue.  We anticipate an interesting report from this years beneficiary who was given a grant of £100 to go to a worldwide conference in China.

I am asking for help from all Club members to increase the amount in the Fund.  Contributions will be welcomed, no matter how small: but more importantly we are appealing for members to remember the IDMF in their wills. A 1% legacy won't be missed by you or your beneficiaries.  We also ask those who have had support from the Fund to donate their original grant, preferably with an allowance for inflation.

Most of the current membership will not remember Ian, who was active on Mendip before many of them were born.  He particularly enjoyed his annual holiday in France and Spain, hence his bequest recognising the needs of future travellers.  Please help to continue his spirit of generosity.

 (Ed's Note: I should not really complain at this point but would like to point out that neither of the two members who received grants in 1991/92 has yet written a word!)

Committee Meetings 1993.

The committee thought that members should be informed of the time and dates of meetings so that they may attend if they so wish.  They are as follows;-

All meetings start at 20.00hrs prompt, and are held at the Belfry.

Friday   1st January       1993
Friday   5th February      1993
Friday   5th March          1993
Friday   2nd April           1993
Friday   7th May            1993
Friday   4th June            1993
Friday   2nd July            1993
Friday   6h August         1993
Friday   3rd September   1993

Tackle Inventory.

Total ladders accounted for:        11 (assorted lengths)

Total Spreaders:                        7 (all good)       

Stock ropes in store:                  1 x 130ft (Dynamic)
                                                2 x 75ft (Dynamic)
                                                1 x 120ft (Dynamic)
                                                1 x 120ft (Static)


Stock ladders in exploration store:           2 (good)

Stock ropes in exploration store:             1 x 250m coil (St.)
                                                            2 x 26m (Dyn.)
                                                            1 x 18m (St.)
                                                            1 x 20m (St.)
                                                            1 x 36m (St.)
                                                            1 x 67m (St.)
                                                            1 x 35m (St.)
                                                            1 x 54m (St.)

Also:     6 Tackle Bags

5 Rope Protectors

1 Touralit Pump and Dies.

Assorted Touralits mostly Imperial.

Ladders under construction ; 3


Keys to the Belfry (or any other BEC keys to which you may be entitled) are available for a deposit of £4 from Nigel Taylor (Mr 'N')

A.G.M. 1992.

There was an election this year.  15 stood, 81 voted and those elected are shown on page one.  I have not yet seen the minutes so cannot quote the voting figures. These (and minutes) should appear in the next BB.