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Editors Report

Although the articles printed in recent BB’s have been of good quality, both on the scientific and the humorous side, there has by no means been a glut of printable material. As a result of this lack, BB’s have been produced only when enough material has been assembled.

My thanks to those of you who have sent in articles for publication and I hope to receive something from the rest of you in the next year.

As the 50th year of the BEC draws near may I take this opportunity to suggest articles of an historical nature from some of our older members.  I hope to use a special BB cover for 1985 perhaps incorporating all the different Bertie Bats.

My thanks to all who have helped with typing, printing, articles, and drawings over the last few months.

Robin Gray, Hon Editor to the BEC.

The Hon. Librarians Report

The libary has ticked over gently throughout the year.  Several new publications have been obtained with an emphasis on Cornish Mining.  Many thanks to those who have donated material and thanks in advance to those who will donate during the coming year.

A major exchange has been arranged with Steve Craven of the South African Speleological Association. All our available material has been posted to S.A. and we expect a return parcel soon.

Until the new library room is built, little can be achieved in the way of improvements to the present system.

Please will all those who have books out return them to the library as soon as possible for stock checking.

Tony Jarratt.