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by Tim Large

Self- Improvement Plans

Following the A.G.M. the Committee continued to take up Andy Lolly's kind offer of producing a final plan in consultation with the Structural Engineer.  After a detailed on site examination of the Belfry it has been found that more structural reinforcement is necessary in order that the loft space can be used as living accommodation, and also comply with building regulations.  At present Andy is drawing up a revised costing incorporating the necessary additions. The Committee will then decide whether the scheme can be accommodated within the financial limitations as directed by the last A.G.M.  Otherwise a further modification will be necessary.

New Belfry Door Lock

This is now fitted and in the region of 40 keys have been applied for and issued.  Remember if you still require one there is a £2 deposit. This key also opens the small tackle store key box located under the hut fees box in the main room of the Belfry. Inside this is the tackle store key. As directed by the A.G.M. this enables members to have free access to the tackle.  It is important to complete the tackle book noting, ladder, tether code numbers and approximate length and number of life-lines taken.  Please do not hang on to tackle any longer than is necessary.  The quantity is still small and unnecessary delays may prevent other members from going on caving trips.

St Cuthbert’s

The new steel ladder for Arête Pitch has now been installed thanks to the efforts of Glyn Bolt of the Wessex Cave Club.  A valve been cemented into the dam at the cave entrance.  This makes it very easy to cut off the water.  The 'wheel' to operate the valve will be padlocked to the bolt in the changing room where the entrance rift ladder is also stored.  The padlock is the same one as the entrance one. I suggest that leaders take the wheel to the bottom of the entrance pipe once they have either opened or closed the valve in order to prevent it being tampered with while they are down the cave.

Dinner 1984

This has been booked at Croscombe Village Hall with good quality outside catering.  Hopefully we can get the Hunters to provide the bar. The price will be in the region of £7-8.


At present we have the following sale items held by myself:-

BEC enamel pin Badges - £1.50.

‘BEC Get Everywhere’ Stickers - 50 for £1

BE C Sweatshirts - £6 each

A Selection of Mendip, Yorkshire and South Wales Cave Surveys.

Cave Key List

Below are listed the keys held by the Club which hang on the back of the right-hand Library Book cupboard. They are available from the duty-hut warden or any Committee member.

G.B. Cave

Longwood/August          2 of each (1 Member/1 Guest)  CCC permits required.

Rhino Rift

Lamb Leer, Pinetree Pot, Cuckoo Cleeves, Brownes Folly Mine, Singing River Mine, Tynings Barrow Swallet

All members are entitled to receive a free five year Charterhouse Caving Committee Permit. This is best done by a personal visit to the Belfry as a signature is required.

Eastwater – Western Series

This area is still being explored and surveyed.  The bottom of the series is now the deepest point in the cave at 483'.  Several radio location checks  have been carried out to verify the survey and establish where it is in relation to Mortons Pot.  During the dry summer months more digging will take place at various sites near the bottom where prospects look good for further discoveries.  Below the 70’ pitch a strong cold draught is encountered blowing into the unknown through a small rift.  This will be enlarged soon.  Trips into the series are frequent so anyone interested is welcome to contact either Tim Large or Tony Jarratt.

Change of Address

575. Dermott Statham, Westcombe, Shepton Mallet.
890. Jerry Crick, Reaseheath, Nantwich, Cheshire.
815. Nigel Dibben, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

New Members

We welcome the following as probationary Members:-

1023. Matthew Tuck, Coxley, Nr. Wellsr
1024. Miles Barrington, Cheddar.
1025. Steve Griffiths, Temple Cloud, Nr. Bristol,
1026. Ian Jepson, Beecham Cliff, Bath.
1027. David 'Wigmore' Lightfoot, Furnace Green, Crawley, Sussex.
1028. Debbie Armstrong, Hitchen, Herts.
1029. Steve Lane, Beladon Hill, Weston-Super-Mare.
1030. Richard Clarke, Cotham, Bristol.
1031. Mike Wigglesworth, Keynsham, Bristol.
1032. Barry Wharton, Yatton, Bristol.
1033. Sue Riley, Chilcote, Nr. Wells.
1034. John Theed, Staple Hill, Bristol.
1035. Howard Price, Mount Pleasant, Exeter, Devon.
1036. Nicola Slann, Flax Bourton, Bristol.
1037. Dave Pike, Chippenham, Wilts
1038. Alan Downton, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Lapsed member re-joined

We welcome back to the fold: -

710/829 Colin & Angie Yooley, Harborne, Birmingham