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Recently an ex-member of the club, Denis Read, turned up at the Hunter's (he left in 1952!!).  After donating some old copies of the B.B. his and Wessex Journal to the club library he invited any member round to house to help him get rid of 91.75 gallons of home-made wine that is cluttering up his living room.  Any takers!!

Denis's address is: 37, Broomground, Winsley, Bradford-on-Avon. tel. Bradford-an-Avon 6315.

On 26th Oct. Dave Morris, Rob Palmer and Martyn Farr dived the terminal sump of Agen Allwedd. Visibility was poor and much loose line had to be removed from the sump (4) before progress could be made. Eventually 300 feet of new line was laid in the sump and a line reel left in.  Exploration was terminated here.  The trip lasted 17 hours and was the first attempt on the sump since the tragic death of Roger Solari during June 1974.

A small expedition, mainly of S.W.C.C. members, left the U.K. last month for Ecuador.  Originally a much larger party should have gone in August but the main sponsors, British Caledonian Airways, withdrew and the trip had to be drastically reorganised.

Pages 8 and 9 of this issue show the long awaited survey of the Lionel's Hole extensions.  The end sump has recently been dived again, this time by Chris Milne (WCC) but again without success.  However two promising digging sites were noted near to the sump and it is hoped that these can be probed soon.  Lionel's is nowhere near finished yet.