The Ian Dear Memorial Fund (IDMF) was converted to the Expedition Fund in 2014 and is now defunct


The Ian Dear Memorial Fund (IDMF) is a fund that gives financial support to young, impoverished BEC members to go on expeditions. To quote Mike Wilson:

The fund is basically a trust fund set up to help young cavers to go to the Continent, there are no restrictions, as long as you are a full member of the club, still at College or not in permanent employment and under 21 years old, you are entitled to apply for financial assistance to top up your travel expenses. This would normally be part of a BEC party organised by older members. This used to be kept down to a single Grant per year as the fund does not accumulate a great deal of Bank interest per annum.

The Club does not ask for any repayment but does ask that you write a good report of the trip for the belfry bulletin!! It goes without saying that when the recipient is filthy rich it would be nice if they add to the fund financially to help others.

Ask the Committee for details on how to apply.

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