A local bloke from Rodney Stoke
More fond of beer than labour
Was recommended by a friend
To go and be a caver
He said “Your thirst is not the thirst
Of such capacity
I know a crowd who’ll do you proud
Go join the BEC

Go join the BEC
Go join the BEC
That boozy crew will do for you
Go join the BEC

The M.C.G. brew splendid tea
Which makes them rather merry
The Speleo’s look down their nose
And tipple less than sherry
The Shepton brood are rude and crude
When drinking at the local
But worse by far the Wessex are
Exclusively teetotal

We are the BEC
Down with sobriety
Throw out your chest cry “Beer is best”
And join the BEC

Each Friday night, we all get tight
As soon as we are able
By half past eight we lie in state
Beneath the Belfry table
By nine o’clock our knees may knock
We stagger out despite them
By half past ten we’re pissed again
And so ad infinitum

We are the BEC
And this we must confess
Whatever is worth doing
We’ll do it to excess
Tune: Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill
Author: George Weston
This was written as part of the 1961 Song Competition and was performed at the Annual Dinner.
This was origionally published in Belfry Bulleting no 164 October 1961 

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